Monday, March 12, 2012

Fresh Beat Band Rock Star Jacket

Spent hours looking for one of these on the web and finally came across some.  Rather than buying them up and trying to sell them on eBay at a huge profit, I decided to help others make their kids dreams come true and just bought one for my son so he can go to the Fresh Beat Band concert in Atlanta.
These are great jackets and good quality.  They are made by American Spirit Wear and can be found from various sources on the web (see below for contact info) for A LOT less that some people are selling similar jackets for in an attempt to capitalize on the scarcity of these types of jackets.  They usually go by the following product # and description:
  • #17100 [Youth] Active Athletic Solid Color Satin (Flannel Lined) Baseball Award Jacket
  • Color: 07 –Silver w/Silver
  • Size = S/M/L
And here are some photos of the one we just got in the mail:

Will decorate with "Tulip Fashion Glitter Shimmer Transfer Sheets" that can be found in many craft stores and online:

Now for the important stuff - where to find the jackets.  I would encourage you to purchase only as many as you need for your own children so that others can do the same.  And, tell them I sent you!

If you find other sources, please add them to the list so that others can bring big smiles to their children's faces!

Doing the Right Thing...Right Now,

Mike Fetzer